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Where are you going with God?

God is inviting you to step out in faith and go to new places with Him. Some of those places might be exotic destinations around the globe, but many more will be unexplored places of the heart.

God is your Navigator and the Holy Spirit your Compass. Get ready for an international adventure with Jesus.

Join Us

July 6 - August 3, 2018


4 days – RICHMOND, BC

Training is critical to effective short term missions. Participants will be challenged in spiritual formation and mission training with our resource staff who invest their experience into the participants lives. Your relationship with God, your team, and mission will be shaped forever during this time.


Travel in a team of 5 or 6 and use your gifts to show God’s love. You will serve with long-term workers and national church leaders as you join in God’s ministry and participate in community transformation. Whatever your service tasks, you will make an impact in people’s lives and experience the global body of Christ. You will grow in your ability to articulate your faith story with others and intercede in prayer.


Your experiences on ACTION will likely be more than you could have ever experienced in the same time frame at home. Debrief is a time to rest, recover, and process these experiences. You will celebrate what God has done in your life and in the lives of others, helping bring closure to your experiences and affirming principles and commitments that can be carried on to your home community

Potential Assignment Locations

Mission is from everywhere to everywhere. The ACTION Surrey assignment gives you the opportunity to work among least reached peoples in Canada. Get ready to take risks and be pushed outside your comfort zone. You will join a team of 4-8 people that live in community and will serve recent immigrants to Canada. This team will serve alongside a local church and faith based immigrant centre (ie. children ministry, intercessory prayer, sharing your faith, creative outreach, temple visits, service projects).

We are looking for a team of strong leaders with big hearts of compassion and ready to serve with flexibility, while drinking lots of amazing tea, and making life-long new friendships.

Cost: $900 CDN (not including arrival to Metro Vancouver)

This is a church team from Westwood MB church in Prince George. They will serve for two weeks in Northern Thailand working with young leaders in an unreached people group called Khmu. If you are interested in this team, please let us know ASAP as it is filling up fast. 


ACTION is open to young adults who are 17 years and older.

Deadline: May 31, 2018
Deposit: $200 (non-refundable)

Contact us for more information:
Email: Susan Fox
Phone: 604.859.6267

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